Online Fundraising

  • What can you do with a team page?

    With a team page you can do the following

    1. Receive donations
    2. Create your own individual fundraising page under the team page
    3. Invite people to join the team
    4. Email messages of encouragement to your team members
    5. Remove team members
  • Does the individual fundraising page total add to the team total?

    Yes, individual fundraising pages add to the team total, so your team page will be the sum of all donations made directly to the team page, plus all the individual pages under it.

  • Can team members leave the team?

    Yes individual fundraising pages can join or leave the team at any time. Simply login and click on the "Join this Team" button to join or leave the team. Please note that you're your individual fundraising page total will be added or subtracted from the team page.

  • Can team members have different charities to the team charity?

    Yes, your team members may choose to support the team charity or choose their own charity to support.

  • How do I create a team page?

    To create a team page simply:

    1. Click on the "Create a Fundraising Page" button.
    2. (you will need to login to your account first) or register with GoFundraise
    3. At step 3 of creating your fundraising page choose Team Fundraising Page instead of Individual fundraising page.
    4. Follow the rest of the steps until 9 & complete the fundraising page creation.
    5. You will be directed to your team page and be emailed a confirmation email in a few minutes with your new fundraising page link this is the link for your team page.

    Create a personal fundraising page too Once you have created your team page you may also like to create a personal or individual fundraising page as part of the team. To do this just click on the "Join a Team button" but this time select "Individual Fundraising Page" at step 3 instead of "Team Fundraising Page".

  • How do I join an existing team?

    To join a team follow these easy steps:

    1. Go to the team page
    2. Click "Join This Team" (you will see a pop-up window appear, if you have a GoFundraise account, login first by following the instructions, if not click the green button "Create Fundraising Page", this will take you through the two steps of creating your fundraising page as part of the team)
    3. Register with GoFundraise, by filling in your details in the GoFundraise Registration form & click "Complete Registration"
    4. Finally create your individual Fundraising Page by completing the required fields, (MAKE SURE YOU SELECT INDIVIDUAL FUNDRAISING PAGE AT STEP 3 NOT A TEAM FUNDRAISING PAGE) you will need to choose a charity to support (this may be different to the team charity if you if you like), choose a web link and a personal message - don't worry you may come back later to edit your page, then click the green button and you are finished.
    5. That's it! You will be directed to your personal fundraising page that appears under the team.

    You will receive an automated email in a few seconds with your new fundraising page details on it. This is the page that you should send to your friends so that your friends can donate to your personal page. Any donations they make to you will be added to the team total. Your personal Fundraising Page will also appear under the team page with the highest fundraisers of the team appearing first.

  • How to email team members?

    To email your team members and encourage them to fundraise follow these steps: Login to

    1. Click on My Fundraising Pages up the top right of the page
    2. Click on Manage this page of your Team Fundraising page
    3. Click on the tab "Team Management" Enter your email in the box provided and click send.

    PLEASE NOTE: emails to your team members will be sent from your registered email address with GoFundraise.